Global Keynote Speaker

“When someone tells you something cannot be done, it is more a reflection of their limitations, not yours” – Adrianne Haslet

Adrianne has shared her story and philosophy with audiences around the world. Over her lifetime, she has transformed to become the powerful woman who bravely stared down evil and courageously faced the man who tried – and failed – to take her life and break her spirit. Adrianne teaches audiences how to look unflinchingly at that which scares you, and how to proceed despite your fears, step by step.

Adrianne has spoken all over the world, alongside inspiring figures such as Vice President Joe Biden, President Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many others. Her debut TED performance has been viewed over 6.7 million times worldwide, and her debut at TEDx Beacon Street has been viewed over 2.2 million times and featured on, the website founded by Facebook Chief Operating Officer and author Sheryl Sandberg to help others overcome adversity in their own way.

Adrianne has delivered remarks to a broad range of audiences, from sharing commencement speeches and inspiring students to encouraging corporate clients in the medical and fashion industries. She is driven by a love of helping others to face their own mountains, whether speedbumps or Mount Everest. Adrianne has the tools to show you how to kick *ss and be your own most courageous and powerful version of you in every aspect of your life.



“Adrianne, I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see you and what an amazing gift you gave us all by your presence.  The students and the faculty were so moved by your presentation.  They loved you – I heard nothing but fabulous comments.  Of course Fred Astaire was also a hit:)  One of the English teachers was inspired to show her class a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie because she was sure they had not known who they were:)”Becky Vizules, former dance student. | Listen on Podbean | Listen on itunes

“Adrianne is the absolute dream to work with. We had her as a keynote speaker at our event for social entrepreneurs and nonprofit professionals, and the room was captivated, inspired, and rejuvenated by her story of grit and determination.” – Jess Morris,

“Adrianne’s keynote speech at our annual conference was unforgettable. She was emotionally vulnerable, inspiring, and an absolute pleasure to work with. We’re proud to consider her part of the APTA family.” – Jason Bellamy of NEXT

“The personal narrative that Adrianne Haslet gave at the GE Healthcare user conference was totally engaging, at times: tense, emotional, deeply personal, heart rending, uplifting, and inspiring.  The audience response was unequivocal – amazing.   Hers was a story of triumph over adversity, great inner confidence and a wonderful will to succeed.   We were thrilled to have Adrianne as a key part of our event.” – Paul Klein, Director of Commercial Marketing, Healthcare Digital, GE Healthcare.

“Working with Adrianne is nothing short of amazing.  She is wonderfully enjoyable, engaging, witty and thought provoking.  She captivated our audience leaving them wanting more.” – Isabelle Rodriguez Wilson, President & CEO of the Nevada Women’s Fund.