Adrianne began at an early age with simple dance and gymnastic classes to gain musicality on a deeper level as well as flexibility. Gymnastics began as fun, jumping in and out of the pit of foam. Yet, as most things in life are, it was a lesson preparing her for the future. It made her fearless when it came to tricks in dance. For instance, now, she can jump off her partner’s shoulders and land on her prosthetic. Something she is proud of, yet encourages others to consult their doctor first.

Adrianne also took up Hip Hop, Jazz, and Belly Dance. She was a professional Belly Dancer for years in her hometown before finding Ballroom. Once the right teacher and partner came along, there was no turning back. She was hooked. She auditioned with over 70 other dancers for a spot at an elite studio, and got the part.

Teaching and dancing for sometimes 12 hours a day, her dream of becoming Ginger Rogers had finally come true. She was named one of Oberto Beef Jerky Heroes of Summer and filmed a commercial dancing across the finish line.

The Boston Marathon finish Line has been defined by grit, determination, terror, glory, blood, sweat and tears. On that day Adrianne was elated to see Bostonians out cheering her on. Yet she knew we were cheering all of us on, as we as a city have healed together. Dancing has a way of doing just that. After all, Adrianne’s Service Dog is named Fred Astaire. She wouldn’t have anything less.

Her passion is seeing a student’s head held higher as they exit the studio then when they entered, Haslet says. Her trophies only mean that she was successful in making people feel better about their own dancing styles. While she enjoys performing all over the globe, she hopes to return to teaching and eventually opening her own ballroom dinner and dance club in the heart of the city that has her heart, Boston.