While building a home in Tijuana at the young age of fourteen, Adrianne was struck the moment she and fellow builders got out of the van. Little kids began climbing in, picking the skittles out of the carpeted floor. They were so malnourished, and giggling with happiness at the treasures they found. It was, she later learned, their fist meal in a week.

Adrianne’s parents made certain she and her older brothers had what they needed while taking the lessons they learned traveling the globe home with them. Summers were not spent on the beaches gossiping, rather in their bookstore learning.

Adrianne developed a love affair with sharks, and had the opportunity to free dive with over 100 sharks 385 miles off the coat of Costa Rica in Isle de Coco less that one year after the attack. Proving, yet again, she would not be defined as a victim.

Her adventuring continues, climbing Cayambe in Ecuador, and doing part of the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, meeting with amputees in their hospital less than a year after their devastating quakes. Her desire to be surrounded in other’s cultures comes from one of her favorite quotes “There are no foreign lands. It is only the traveler that is foreign.”