“I refuse to be called a victim. A victim is defined by what happened in their life. I am a survivor, defined by how I live my life.” - Adrianne Haslet


To every public speaking engagement, Adrianne brings broad insight gleaned from her journey: as an athlete, as an internationally-ranked ballroom dancer, as a corporate executive, and as a triumphant Boston Marathon bombing survivor. Whether speaking to captive audiences across the globe or home in Boston, Adrianne shares the way to gracefully give the middle finger to feelings of powerlessness, and her unique process for confidently pivoting to face the future despite overwhelming, and sometimes paralyzing, forces.


For Adrianne, the most selfless gift you can give is your time, because it is the only thing you can truly give and never earn back. After losing her leg, Adrianne recognized the need for help across the amputee community, particularly the needs of others not as fortunate as to have the support of the One Fund access to prosthetics. Adrianne has become a global advocate for amputee rights.


Growing up watching Ginger Rogers do everything Fred Astaire did, backwards, better, and in high heels was enough to get Adrianne hooked for life. With her parents constantly hosting bands at her home that were on tour, she always had music to move her and plenty of artists to influence her style.


The Haslets are a family of wanderlust, a value deeply instilled in Adrianne from childhood. In her early teens, she traveled to foreign countries with Habitat for Humanity, building homes for the less fortunate. These trips gave Adrianne her first insight and open heart to see beyond her small town, opening the door to a life of giving back on a global scale. Her love of adventure and exploring the world has taken on a new mission, climbing mountains – literal and figurative – and showing the global community that strength is real and anything is possible.